Embracing Open-Concept Design

Jan 29, 2024

“Open Concept” is a phrase that remains popular in homes today, especially in new construction. This airy approach to floorplans, purpose, and decor has so much to offer homeowners as they rethink use of space and adjust accordingly. Often, when speaking about “open concept” we think of kitchens flowing into living or dining areas. Don’t dismiss this design style in bedrooms or bonus rooms as it can be beneficial to other spaces as well.


What are the benefits of Open Concept?

  • The trend of removing walls was initially all about increasing light and space perception. Beautiful windows allow natural light to pour through open areas unhindered. Rooms appear larger as visual barriers are removed and brightened creating a spacious, welcoming home.
  • Multi-functional spaces emerged on the heels of the open-concept floorplan. Bonus rooms now include a workout space, homework station, and even a kitchenette. Movie nights are only minutes from perfection as breakfast bars are transformed into snack stations just steps away from a comfy couch.
  • Socialization is on the upswing in airy floorplans as they eliminate isolation. As dinner is being prepped, conversations with the cook can continue with those sitting steps away in the living room. Many of today’s main-floor spaces include a generous kitchen island that creates the perfect transition between workspace and dining.
  • For those with young children, an open-concept floor plan can increase a sense of security as sightlines remain open. Combining a workout space with a play area means being able to hop on the treadmill without worrying about what’s happening in another room. Adding a craft center to an office creates an instant bond as everybody digs into projects.

How can you transform to an Open Concept?

  • For those prepping for new construction, voice your wishes for an open-concept home. The A&G Residential team has a variety of floorplans with airy areas and is ready to take your vision to reality.
  • Think lifestyle! How do you use your current space? If your dining room table serves only as a clutter collector, find a new use for the space. Are you a streamer rather than a TV watcher? Create a comfy viewing nook and gain back some living room wall space. Many homeowners are opting for an owner’s suite that includes a coffee bar and sitting area, bringing a hotel vibe home.
  • “Open-concept” and “multi-purpose” now walk hand-in-hand as homeowners create adaptable spaces. For many, the idea of open-concept is for larger homes but the design style is not limiting. An eating nook easily transforms into a work desk after breakfast. The living room can house library-style shelves in addition to a television. The kitchen island can quickly become a homework zone by dedicating one cabinet to school supplies.

Defining Spaces: 

  • Open-concept looks great on paper, but how to fill it? Start by designating desired space within the space and defining each. Area rugs are a terrific way to personalize each quadrant and furniture can easily be used to create implied separation.
  • Color can create designated spaces whether using a variety of paint shades or through accessories. Choose calming colors in areas that are meant to promote relaxation or add bright pops to those places meant for creativity.
  • Showcase individuality in micro-spaces! Let school-age children personalize their homework spot to encourage happy times while hard at work! Define a writing area with a vintage typewriter or showcase favorite vacation photos within a family gathering space.  

Must haves:

  • When designing a home that includes open-concept spaces, make sure your builder includes ample outlets. Lighting, computers, and appliances all need convenient options for powering up. The more options, the better.
  • Consider lighting options that are versatile. Think floor or desk lamps that can be moved from space to space as needs change.
  • Invest in transportable storage. A side table that includes storage and wheels is a terrific way to hide board games while offering an easy way to roll out the fun. Wicker baskets are also a great way to organize items used in a multi-use space.
  • Flexibility! Be willing to reallocate space as needed! Today’s puzzle room may be tomorrow’s gaming room. A playroom may have a future as a sewing room. When designing for open-concept, think about all the possibilities for each space!

Open-concept floorplans are a terrific option, not just a passing trend. When buying a home shifting to open-concept boosts both flexibility and value. The team at A&G Residential is dedicated to creative design and has many plans that feature an open floorplan. Reach out to them today to find your perfect home with an open-concept floorplan.


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