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Mar 05, 2024

An Easy Approach to Prep for Spring!

Spring is coming to central North Carolina! What does that mean? That the outside world will awaken with a fresh coat of Mother Nature’s paint. Here in the Fayetteville area, the switch will be quick as chilly temperatures move out and warm days burst in with fresh blooms. Now is the time to map out your plan for preparing your home for the coming season.

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Feb 19, 2024

A&G Residential: Who are we?

When Wells Alderman and Jamie Godwin decided to combine their knowledge and talent to create A&G Residential, the Fayetteville area of North Carolina gained a dream team. The process of buying a home can be–and building that home adds even more stress. By offering customer-focused, step-by-step guidance, the team at A&G Residential has quickly become the Fayetteville area’s go-to for new home building.

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Jan 29, 2024

Embracing Open-Concept Design

“Open-Concept” is a phrase that remains popular in homes today, especially in new construction. This airy approach to floorplans, purpose, and decor has so much to offer homeowners as they rethink use of space and adjust accordingly.

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