A&G Residential: Who are we?

Feb 19, 2024

Who is A&G Residential?

  • A&G Residential is a customer-focused, residential building team committed to making its client’s dreams come true.
  • A&G Residential is committed to communication. With a series of streamlined steps, clients have a clear understanding of the phases in the building process.

Wells Alderman and Jamie Godwin worked closely together, though with different companies, for over a decade before they decided to venture out, creating A&G Residential. Wells, a 2004 graduate of Clemson University, was drawn to central North Carolina through visits to his wife’s hometown, Fayetteville. It was here that Wells discovered a love for real estate and home-building. Jamie obtained his General Contractor’s license as a project engineer in 2002 and soon opted to pursue homebuilding full-time.


Jamie’s passion for building unique homes and Wells’ successful home sales portfolio quickly provided the perfect marriage for their new company. A&G Residential quickly became a local go-to as consumers embraced Jamie & Wells’ vision of keeping the home-building process simple. Rather than present a vague plan, A&G Residential offers a ten-step guide to a completed project:

  • Foundation: This includes grading, footers, utility runs, and pouring the slab.
  • Framing: Stage two gives the home shape with floor systems, walls, and roof systems added.
  • Windows & Doors: Homes are “dried-in” at the installation of shingles, windows, and exterior doors.
  • Rough-ins: This stage welcomes plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians.
  • Inspections: Before construction continues, inspections take place to ensure compliance with all building codes.
  • Sheetrock: As inspections take place, drywall is delivered. Once all boxes are checked, that drywall is hung inside to form the interior spaces. At the same time, finishers are added to the home’s exterior.
  • Cabinets, Trim, & Paint: Stage seven is dedicated to interior doors, baseboards, door casings, and more. Cabinets are installed along with mantels and surrounds. Finally, painting begins!
  • Set-outs: As completion nears, the details are added. This includes outlet covers, lighting fixtures, faucets, and more.
  • Finals: With all the major work completed, it is time to cover the floors with carpet, plank, or laminate. Any final touches will now be added, such as mirrors, shower doors, and appliances.
  • Homeowners’ Orientation: Step Ten is the most exciting one as homeowners complete a walkthrough to learn how their dream home operates. With the A&G team at their side, warranty details are shared along with guidance on maintenance and upkeep.

The idea of building a home from the ground up is often enough to steer homebuyers to other options. A&G Residential is helping to change that pattern by bringing simplicity to the residential construction market. Wells Alderman and Jamie Godwin understand how intimidating the process of buying a home can be–and building that home adds even more stress. By offering customer-focused, step-by-step guidance, the team at A&G Residential has quickly become the Fayetteville area’s go-to for new home building.


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