The Benefits of a Local Builder

Apr 16, 2024

Building a new home is an exciting journey as dreams take shape right before your eyes. Building a new home can also be a stressful journey as the financial investment pairs with putting trust in a construction team you may not be familiar with. Choosing a local builder can alleviate much of that stress as previous work is easily accessible and their knowledge of local regulations or sub-contractors is invaluable. Central North Carolina has a beautiful landscape, unique climate, and consistent growth. The A&G Residential team is familiar with the area and ready to shape your new home on the perfect lot, within the perfect community.


Why work with a local builder?


Expertise and Quality: A&G Residential’s team is highly trained and prioritizes continued education as local new-home construction updates become available. Understanding trends in new builds, trade standards, and local building codes is essential for a smooth process. Positive relationships with suppliers and subcontractors enable favorable pricing for superior products–benefits that are passed on to clients.


Reputation: When engaging a local builder, it is much easier to research their work and reputation because completed homes are just around the corner. Reviews and recommendations are much more accessible. Local builders are often able to provide feedback from past or current customers quickly from clients who may even become your new neighbors.


Energy Efficiency: Environmental sustainability has been a priority for years and homebuilders have taken notice. As designs are drawn for new floorplans, energy-efficient appliances are standard. A&G Residential seeks eco-friendly options, using affordable materials aimed at reducing carbon footprints. With a clear understanding of the area’s changing weather elements, local builders may opt for exterior enhancements that will withstand heat, high winds, or heavy rain. Often, these options also reduce long-term costs by lowering utility bills or the potential for structural damage.


Cost Efficiency:

  • Many homebuyers shy away from new builds as they have a reputation for busting budgets. While the initial investment may be higher than with an existing home, long-term maintenance costs are minimized as every aspect of the home is new, reducing unexpected breakdowns. 
  • There is a difference between a custom build and a new build that many buyers do not fully understand. Because a custom-built home is designed from the ground up to meet every wish and desire, the cost can quickly rise. A new build is just that–built for a specific buyer with opportunities for personalization but not necessarily customization. This allows homeowners to acquire a brand-new home while remaining true to their budget.

Time: Time to completion can sway homebuyers back to the pre-existing market. The team at A&G Residential understands that clients often require a quick turnaround and has worked to decrease timelines by streamlining the building process. How? Taking ownership of obtaining local permits and fostering positive relationships with local subcontractors all help target on-time delivery.


Warranty and Support: One of the most important positives when using a local homebuilder is the home warranty. Local builders understand that their reputation depends on excellent workmanship and providing each client with long-term peace of mind. Local builders encourage buyers to keep an open dialogue well beyond move-in so that any concerns can be addressed promptly.


Communication: Perhaps the most compelling reason to choose a local builder versus a national one is communication. In the most simple terms, a local builder will know your name. They will respond more quickly throughout the process as they are invested in the community in which they are located. The process of finding a new home is much more enjoyable when partnered with a team that provides a personal relationship.


Understanding your new home needs is the first step in selecting a local builder. A&G Residential offers a variety of floor plans that span from 1300 to 2800 SF. Our new builds are available in over a dozen central North Carolina communities. Whether your preference is a cozy, traditional space or an open-concept home, we have the perfect floor plan and the perfect lot! Our team has been building beautiful new homes for nearly two decades, cultivating a reputation filled with local success stories.


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