The Iconic Ranch Floorplan

Jul 9, 2024

How have ranch floorplans remained a homebuyer’s favorite for so long? Comfort, function, and versatility! While ranch homes first gained popularity in the 1950s, these single-story homes continue to claim a huge piece of the home-buying market. A&G Residential Homes recognizes the ongoing desire for fabulous ranch-style homes and offers six gorgeous floorplans for its clients to choose from. 

Ranch homes came to market just after World War II when suburban living took off, drawing homebuyers out of cities and into beautiful new neighborhoods. While the style often evokes nostalgia as it reconnects us to visits with grandparents, ranch homes were the top seller across nearly two dozen states in 2023. This ongoing popularity has motivated home design teams to continue updating ranch floorplans to meet the needs of today’s buyers. 

Fans of ranch-style homes discovered their inner beauty long ago!

  • Open floorplans may have increased in popularity over the last few years but this trend didn’t happen overnight. Ranch floorplans were the original host to the open floorplan. Designed to encourage seamless flow through uninterrupted sight lines, ranch homes have always been perfect for entertaining. With flexibility in arranging furniture and decor, this style will continue to be a hit for years to come.
  • Typically, a multi-story home only offers owners a single outdoor space in the form of a large patio or deck. With a ranch home, it is easy to install more than one outdoor entry. Access to beautiful backyards may be gained via living rooms, master bedrooms, or even by installing a transition point between an indoor and outdoor kitchen.  
  • Remodeling isn’t something many think of when buying a new home but it is important to note how much easier the ranch home remodel is than with a traditional home. With fewer load-bearing walls, spaces can be reconfigured without major construction. Whether converting one large room into two smaller ones or by increasing a home’s square footage outward, rather than upward, updates are both cost-effective and quick.

Beyond the beauty of a ranch home, residents find other benefits.

  • Accessibility is one of the most significant advantages of a single-story, ranch home. Eliminating stairs offers peace of mind across generations. For those with young children, the risk of accidents is decreased. For elderly buyers, a single-floor lifestyle offers easy access to all rooms. Many empty-nesters are intentionally purchasing ranch homes so that they can “age in place” without the need for future renovations or relocation. 
  • Today’s homebuyers demand the best in energy efficiency. As ranch-style homes have only one story, they are immediately more energy-efficient than their multi-story counterparts. HVAC systems are less taxed as there is no requirement to push cooler or warmer air to second or third stories. Windows in ranch homes tend to be larger, allowing more natural light to flow inside. This means less use of interior lighting. The compact style of ranch homes has a history of reducing utility costs over time and has been improved further with the addition of energy-efficient appliances. 
  • Maintaining single-story homes is both safer and simpler compared to multi-story homes. Exterior maintenance, such as window washing, painting, or even cleaning pine needles from gutters, is within reach–no long ladder or scaffolding required. Inside, there is no need to lug vacuums or cleaning supplies up and down stairs.
  • In case of an emergency, a quick departure from a ranch home is more efficient. Safe exit points are plentiful as all windows and doors sit just above ground level. This is also beneficial when engaging fire or medical responders as the need to navigate multiple stories is eliminated. 

The design team at A&G Residential understands the value and appeal of the ranch floorplan. With six unique styles available in many of our communities, homeowners will find the perfect single-story new build. Click each option below to start your ranch floorplan search!

Ranch-style homes have had a strong appeal to buyers for decades. Whether for a young family on the hunt for a safe yet functional home, for retirees looking for ease of maintenance, or for everyone in between, this style will remain a favorite well into the future. 

Reach out to the team at A&G Residential today and pick out a ranch floorplan that meets all of your new home needs!

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