Celebrating Mother’s Day at Home

May 2, 2024

Will this be your family’s first Mother’s Day in your gorgeous A&G Residential home? What an exciting time and what a perfect moment to celebrate the woman who likely led the charge in transforming that new house into Home Sweet Home. Don’t wait until the last minute to make plans for Mother’s Day! By creating a game plan in advance, Mother’s Day will be a guaranteed success filled with special moments.


While the typical Mother’s Day celebration may involve a late-morning brunch in a crowded restaurant, there is no need to leave your serene home. Many moms actually prefer a quiet day that doesn’t involve putting together a fancy outfit, including uncomfortable shoes. So, what are the more popular options when showering Mom with thanks?


Simplicity, relaxation, and zero decisions!

Create a delightful Mother’s Day by selecting one, a few, or all of these amazing activities:

  • Breakfast in Bed: This tradition is so sweet, but it does require some preparation. Grab your groceries a few days in advance to ensure that all items needed are on hand. Whether opting for made-from-scratch or prepared heat-and-eats, you can’t go wrong with pancakes, sausages, eggs, and fruit. Bonus idea? Use a cookie cutter to turn those pancakes into a huge pile of delicious hearts! If you’re not yet familiar with your new kitchen appliances, get to know them prior to Mother’s Day to avoid endless questions for your sleepy star.
  • The Couch, a Cozy Blanket, & Control of the Remote: Create a cocoon built for relaxation and let Mom spend the day cheering for her favorite team or binging a favorite show. Each of A&G Residential’s floorplans includes a spacious family room, perfect for gatherings. On Mother’s Day? Keep traffic to a minimum. Tuck Mom in on the couch, start her show, and put her favorite snacks within easy reach. Check back periodically to see what could make her siesta even better.
  • Coupons for Cleaning: A week or so before Mother’s Day, start paying attention to areas of your home that seem to always need straightening, dusting, or vacuuming. As Mother’s Day approaches, gift Mom clean-up coupons! Let her know that, while she is celebrating her big day, your family will be handling all the odds and ends that come with maintaining an organized home. If she’s got a honey-do list, tackle some of those tasks! Perhaps the junk drawer needs attention, closets need organization, or the kitty litter boxes need a good scrub down. Take charge and let her enjoy the fruits of your labor!
  • A Garden Gathering: Mother’s Day coincides perfectly with planting weather in central North Carolina and A&G Residential’s homesites are a perfect canvas. Make gardening a group project while letting Mom run the show. Has she always wanted window boxes? Why not build them together? Perhaps existing planters are ready for a refresh–pick up new ones in the days before Mother’s Day and then plant them together. This is also an ideal time to start an edible garden. Gift Mom a raised garden along with seeds, soil, and cute decor to create an herb, vegetable, or fruit hub.
  • Dinner is Served: One of the most taxing decisions for moms is what to serve each night for dinner. Take that decision off her plate for Mother’s Day! You won’t need to plan a fancy, overthought event–simply offer a night off. Order pizza, fire up the grill, or pick up hoagies. Bonus tip? For those living in a neighborhood, a group cookout is a great idea as several families can participate in creating a fun dinner party to Celebrate the Moms. Don’t forget to cover cleanup as well!
  • Make it a Movie Night: Perhaps the mother in your home prefers to put her feet up after dinner. Why not make it a movie night? Find out what her favorite movie is (or choose a new one she’s been wanting to see), make some popcorn, and settle in. Make it a phone-free zone to fully enjoy this time with Mom.
  • Bubbles Before Bedtime: Thanks to A&G Residential’s spa-inspired bathrooms, a lavish bubble bath is just a few ingredients away. Pick up a few bath bombs and bubble bath to create absolute bliss. Set up a small table with a glass of wine, a delightful candle, and a favorite book or soundtrack. Pull the door closed and allow Mom to unwind without interruption.

Whether you choose one of the above ideas or several, a memorable Mother’s Day is just a few kind thoughts away. Moms spend much of their time making endless decisions for their households. Perhaps the best gift of all? Taking all those decisions off her plate, even for just one day. Moms embrace the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but it can become tiresome. This Mother’s Day, gift a lowkey, lazy day, and don’t let her talk her way into lifting a single finger.

Homes built by A&G Residential are gorgeous and spacious with a variety of floorplans. This Mother’s Day, celebrate at home and enjoy e

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